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Food and Beverage

Covid-19 Update:
The food service/restaurant industry has expanded from take-out, curbside delivery, and outdoor dining to again offer indoor seating where appropriate table distancing or protective barriers can be implemented. Parties are limited to 6 adults per seating and no more than 10 individuals total. Customers should wear a cloth face covering when entering and exiting a facility, as well as when getting up to use the restroom to protect other patrons and employees. Cloth face coverings are not necessary when a customer is seated or dining outdoors. The guidance outlining steps restaurants must take to keep employees safe, as well as what customers can expect are detailed here.

Great food and good vibes aren’t hard to come by here in New Hampshire. With plenty of seasoned chefs and innovative cooks, our restaurants have no problem keeping things fresh. Whether you’re craving authentic seafood, a seasonally-inspired dish that gives flavor a whole new meaning, or comfort food to warm your soul, you’ll find something for every palate. Plus our local craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries come up with plenty to cheers to, and a local brew is the perfect way to cap off any day spent exploring the Granite State.